After completing my studies in Electrical Engineering in Munich and gaining several years of experience in the IT field, I decided to leverage my own ideas in the IT world as a freelancer. Therefore, I have been working on various IT projects as a freelancer since 2005. Below are my focus areas and expertise:

  • In-depth knowledge of information and communication structures and systems, particularly in large IT networks.
  • Expertise in Intranet, Extranet, and Internet technologies.
  • Strong understanding of IT structures in the public sector and banking.
  • Excellent ability to clarify and simplify complex, heterogeneous, and non-transparent IT environments and issues.
  • Skill in internationally aligning different ideas in the IT sector with the goal of homogenizing the required services and perspectives.
  • Strong “horizontal” overview of the IT industry with the ability to flexibly delve into various “vertical” specialties, providing secure expertise and solutions promptly. Future-proof generation of results.
  • Detailed knowledge of all common Microsoft products in the client/server domain.
  • Aptitude for diplomatically mediating various escalations.
  • Structured, goal-oriented, and results-driven work approach.
  • Development of administration models, Active Directory design, Group Policy Objects (GPOs), migration paths, installation procedures (imaging, unattended setup, RIS server), rollout plans, backup concepts, operational and emergency concepts, as well as test cases (test procedures) and cluster environments.
  • Creation of PowerShell and Visual Basic scripts.
  • Moderation of meetings and workshops.
  • Conducting technical training and workshops.
  • Preparation of documents and technical concepts.

My Experience and Expertise:

As an IT specialist, I bring extensive expertise in Citrix and Netscaler (On-Premise and Cloud), Microsoft Active Directory, and Group Policy Objects (GPOs). My skills also extend to virtualization with VMware and process automation through PowerShell scripting. With my comprehensive experience, I can design, implement, and optimize complex IT infrastructures. Focusing on Citrix and Netscaler allows me to ensure secure and efficient application and desktop deployments. My competencies in Microsoft Active Directory and GPOs enable precise management and configuration of Windows environments. In VMware virtualization, I aim for optimal resource utilization and performance in virtualized environments.